Import to Localazy #️⃣

Click on the Start import button to begin the import process.

Import to Localazy

Imported objects #️⃣

There are three types of objects that are imported to Localazy. During the import process application contacts Intercom API and requests all Articles, Categories and Sections. In the next step translation keys are extracted from all objects and finally translation keys imported to Localazy project.

Articles: Title, Description and Body of the article is converted to a translation key.

Categories: Name and Description of the category is converted to a translation key.

Sections: Name and Description of the section is converted to a translation key.

These translation keys are named in way that allows reverse reconstruction of original object identifiers.

Importing Articles with Images #️⃣

Intercom API has certain limitations related to what information can be imported. Specifically, when importing images from Intercom their widths and heights are stripped out: in fact, only the image source is preserved. It means that if you manually resize an image in an Intercom article, then import this article to Localazy, translate it, and export back, the custom image sizes will be lost due to this limitation.

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