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Gapp Multiplatform



Gapp is a GLPI mobile solution Translation license: ·Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International: https://spdx.org/licenses/CC-BY-4.0.html


Source language

Basque (Spain)eu_ES

Belarusian (Belarus)be_BY

Brazilian Portuguesept_BR

British Englishen_GB

Catalan (Spain)ca_ES

Chinese (China, Simplified)zh_CN#Hans

Croatian (Croatia)hr_HR

European Portuguesept_PT

European Spanishes_ES

French (France)fr_FR

Galician (Spain)gl_ES

German (Germany)de_DE

Hindi (India)hi_IN

Italian (Italy)it_IT

Polish (Poland)pl_PL

Romanian (Romania)ro_RO

Russian (Russia)ru_RU

Santali (India, Ol Chiki)sat_IN#Olck

Turkish (Turkey)tr_TR