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Date Text
23.04.2021, 03:38 User Naittekezzou Marouane translated a phrase in Arabic (Morocco).
23.04.2021, 03:38 User Naittekezzou Marouane is now translator.
23.04.2021, 02:48 User Didik Marianto translated a phrase in Abkhazian.
23.04.2021, 02:48 User Didik Marianto is now translator.
23.04.2021, 01:18 User hnohf y translated a phrase in Arabic (Saudi Arabia).
23.04.2021, 01:18 User hnohf y is now translator.
23.04.2021, 01:10 User Geo D. translated 21 phrases in Romanian (Romania).
23.04.2021, 01:04 User Ceylin Çete translated a phrase in Turkish (Turkey).
23.04.2021, 01:04 User Ceylin Çete is now translator.
23.04.2021, 01:04 User Geo D. is now translator.
23.04.2021, 00:59 User bruno torquato translated a phrase in Brazilian Portuguese.
23.04.2021, 00:59 User bruno torquato is now translator.
23.04.2021, 00:49 User أسماء ياسين translated a phrase in Arabic (Iran, Syriac).
23.04.2021, 00:49 User أسماء ياسين is now translator.
22.04.2021, 23:33 User vilmar neumann translated a phrase in Brazilian Portuguese.
22.04.2021, 23:33 User vilmar neumann is now translator.
22.04.2021, 23:28 User Fla Mengo translated a phrase in Brazilian Portuguese.
22.04.2021, 23:28 User Fla Mengo is now translator.
22.04.2021, 22:53 User Maria Montero translated a phrase in Latin American Spanish.
22.04.2021, 22:53 User Maria Montero is now translator.
22.04.2021, 18:56 User ezel yavuz translated 2 phrases in Turkish.
22.04.2021, 18:55 User ezel yavuz is now translator.
22.04.2021, 17:59 User Vallarasu Tamilan translated 9 phrases in Tamil (India).
22.04.2021, 17:57 User Vallarasu Tamilan translated 3 phrases in Tamil.
22.04.2021, 17:51 User Vallarasu Tamilan is now translator.