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Floating Apps



Open more apps at the same time in floating windows and enjoy real multitasking! Don't leave current app for a small task... Floating Apps is the largest and the most advanced collection of floating mini-apps available on Google Play! - take notes or use calculator anywhere & anytime - view email attachments without leaving email app - view multiple PDF files at the same time - open links in floating browser and view them later - translate vocabularies without leaving current app - and do much much much more... Floating Apps is the best of its kind because of our commitment and never-ending work. We love to do it for you!
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16.09.2021, 05:07 User Julio Infante Luperdi translated 3 phrases in Spanish.
16.09.2021, 05:06 User Julio Infante Luperdi is now translator.
14.09.2021, 20:33 User لوكيورا قباعه قش translated 2 phrases in Arabic.
14.09.2021, 20:33 User لوكيورا قباعه قش is now translator.
12.09.2021, 10:02 User Света Ким translated 2 phrases in Russian.
12.09.2021, 10:02 User Света Ким is now translator.
11.09.2021, 10:58 User translated a phrase in Latin American Spanish.
06.09.2021, 13:27 User Muhamad Nu'manun Naim translated 6 phrases in Indonesian (Indonesia).
06.09.2021, 13:24 User Muhamad Nu'manun Naim is now translator.
04.09.2021, 04:39 User Moklesur Rahaman translated a phrase in Afrikaans.
04.09.2021, 04:39 User Moklesur Rahaman is now translator.
27.08.2021, 12:26 User Václav Hodek translated 2 phrases in Afrikaans.
25.08.2021, 02:56 User Mochimint translated a phrase in Thai.
25.08.2021, 02:56 User Mochimint is now translator.
22.08.2021, 16:07 User Atif Abbasov translated 16 phrases in Azerbaijani.
22.08.2021, 15:59 User Atif Abbasov is now translator.
22.08.2021, 08:42 User Václav Hodek commented on phrase in Malay: It's when adding an exception to the ad blocker. So something like: Add permanent exception for
22.08.2021, 08:41 User Václav Hodek commented on phrase in Malay: It's shown in the toast (small overlay notification) when the file is downloaded.
22.08.2021, 08:40 User Václav Hodek commented on phrase in Malay: It's used in the calendar mini-app to show days that the event is valid for. E.g.: Days: Monday,
21.08.2021, 15:39 User Warisara Phongam translated a phrase in Chinese (Thailand).
21.08.2021, 15:29 User Warisara Phongam translated a phrase in Thai (Thailand).
21.08.2021, 15:29 User Warisara Phongam is now translator.
21.08.2021, 05:14 User Hafizat translated 84 phrases in Malay.
21.08.2021, 05:07 User Hafizat commented on phrase in Malay: In what situation is this phrase used?
21.08.2021, 04:52 User Hafizat commented on phrase in Malay: Could you send me a screen with this phrase in your app?