How to add a new plural string using the Localazy UI?

If you want to add new content to your Localazy project quickly, you can go to the Translations overview page and click the “Add Content” button in the top left corner. At this point, select “Add source keys,” which will open a dialog window where you can create a new string.

Adding a plural type string requires a few more steps, but don’t worry - we’re planning to update the Create new string window to simplify the process.

Here’s what to do for now:

  • Create the new string like you usually would.
  • Go to the Source language list.
  • Find the corresponding string and select “Convert string to plural” from the context menu.

Plus, here is a helpful tip — you can select multiple strings from the source language list and convert them all at once to plural. This is a great way to add multiple plurals in one go rather than going through the process over and over again.

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