Changelog - User interface

This is a list of changes and improvements in Localazy web app.

In Localazy we are continuously improving our app UI, bringing you fresh features and fixes every week.


  • Implement search by key, file, path and phrase
  • Update guided tour to match current translation/review workflow


  • Sanitize glossary term and description input
  • Add show more to suggested languages
  • Setup releases for sentry
  • Sort phrase versions


  • Show guided tours only on medium screens
  • Fix language select autocomplete UX
  • Source phrase placeholders are missing
  • Join translations and review screens
  • Fetch Gradle version from CMS


  • Add invite your developer to platform selection box
  • Add join our community to help dropdown
  • Update review version sort
  • Hot fix for tours
  • Update invite user by email flow


  • Update wording for phrase hiding tooltips
  • Fix missing notification text
  • Fix toggle language publish stuck after delete
  • Run tour once per session in demo


  • Translation interface improvements
  • Fetch tokens only if user is owner
  • Change link in the translation game for plurals


  • Add basic payments functionality (collect cards, billing info)
  • Add support for coupon codes
  • Fix private app screen after accepting email invite
  • Add product tour to spa
  • Add option to delete phrase versions


  • Add loader to project base language table
  • Add keyboard shortcuts list
  • Rework Glossary UX
  • Add ability to delete phrases from UI


  • Update app integration screen for CLI release
  • Display private app icon only for private apps
  • Add loader to review phrase table


  • Make phrase list usable with long keys
  • Update websockets functionality
  • Publish status is now permanenly visible
  • Fixed app manual publish
  • Updated Gradle tour
  • Update developer create app form


  • Add similar phrases translate context
  • Add JSON placeholder detection
  • Add keyboard shortcuts for common actions
  • Phrase list now remembers its state


  • Improve create new app flow
  • Improve language list performance
  • Fix notification states
  • Fix icons for phrase states
  • Fix chat button partially hiding notifications


  • Automatically push new notifications and comments
  • Detect uploaded strings


  • Add Localazy Demo App
  • Replace Cross project matching with ShareTM
  • Add customer intent screen


  • Add translation suggestions
  • Fix add new contributors search
  • Fix translate buttons padding
  • Update Gradle setup tour


  • Add delete language option
  • Add comment suggestions
  • Remove verify email page redirect
  • Fix side navigation collapsing bug


  • Fix glossary behaviour bug
  • Fix glossary term highlight in translation interface


  • Use success states for translation and review buttons
  • Show percent translated by ShareTM in language selector
  • Error pages now preserve url
  • Add approved phrases filter in phrase list
  • Empty dashboard page update
  • Improve publish button UX
  • Update modal styles


  • Add feedback form links
  • Resolve Activity stream - console error on page load


  • New brand colours!
  • User profile links are not being saved
  • Accesibility fixes
  • Remember translating session for multiple users on the same machine


  • Add translation note when phrase needs improvement or its source changed
  • Fix different line-heights in translation interface
  • Resolve dashboard search loading glitches
  • Change header height to match with website
  • Configure error logging


  • Fix editing of plural phrases
  • Preserve new line characters in translation and review
  • Fix review interface for plurals
  • Update password validation rules
  • Fix notification links


  • Fix review version switcher
  • Display correct plural types and add plural samples
  • Improve UX of app search
  • Display trial and credit in Stats & Payments