Localazy Case Study

Birthday Reminder App
by Teo Coding 🎉

Teo coding, author of Birthday Reminder App, is a single developer who tried several app translation platforms to manage his localization process, so he could expand the user base and improve user experiece for current users.

Teo tried the industry leading solutions such as OneSkyApp, but there were always issues which held him back from being as productive as possible.

Key App Translation Challenges

  • Find an easy translation review process ✅
  • Automate translations delivery ⚙️
  • Optimize translations by priority 📈
  • Manage deprecated locales automatically 🤔
  • Improve work with plurals and array lists 🔢

App Translation Solution

Teo implemented Localazy in a few minutes and started to review translations prepared by Localazy ShareTM.

ShareTM provided him with 80+ languages available with a up to 50% of string resources already translated.

Benefits Received 🎁

Teo, as a single mobile app developer, found Localazy simple enough to let him focus on code instead of being lost in the process of app translation into dozens of languages.

Moreover, Localazy saved him tremendous amounts of money he might spend on human translations.

Results Delivered 🏆

Teo is using Localazy to manage his app translations. Users of Birthday Reminder App can now enjoy the app in more native languages.

Teo also received a bonus credit on the top of savings for expensive translation platforms and translation work itself for his feedback to improve Localazy.

Interview with Teo

Read the full story of how Teo become a developer and what struggles did he need to overcome. He explains why he chose Localazy as a platform for his app translations.

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At the end of the day,

Teo saved hundreds of € in a few hours.
💸 Money saved, money made.

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Easy Translation Management

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What Teo thinks about Localazy?

As the scaleway dashboard engineering manager, we use Localazy to set up a friendly environment for us and our translation team.

For the first iteration, it was really easy to set up. We could manage translation with pluralization, key detection as well as multi-language and cli tools for our local management and ci‑cd.

I also had very good communication with the core team for the feature request and was impressed with the quick responses.

If I have to recommend a tool to handle the translation, I will talk about Localazy for sure.

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