Virtual Translator for continuous improvement

Save your resources on adding new languages to your app using Localazy Virtual Translator (VT).

Localazy comes up with highly accurate shared memory (ShareTM), allowing you to obtain instant translations of your app into 80 languages for free by 50% on an average app.

But what about the rest?

Here comes another simple solution from Localazy labs.

Virtual Translator is a human-assisted neural network

Using a bare machine translation engine is free as far as you do not consider your time and quality assurance. However, in the SW localization domain, you will soon find out that many of those translations are just not the right fit. For example, the word “book” is usually considered by MT engines as a piece of literature, while in software, the more common meaning is a reservation. The problem deepens when it is in the alphabet you even do not know how to read.

Virtual Translator saves your time

Why spend your time on tasks you can automate, delegate or cut out of your workflow? Virtual Translator does it all! On average, reviewing 100 phrases in a foreign language takes anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes. You can have it for $5 with Localazy at the current pricing!

Virtual Translator saves your money

According to Proz, the average cost of professional translation in general domain per word starts at $0.10 per word. With Localazy, you can cut the price by 50%. Virtual Translator will cost you only 0.05 per word. How is that possible? VT is a human-assisted neural network cutting the need for human work with the priority of faster progress, keeping the reasonable quality on the eye.

Virtual Translator protects your attention span

What is worse than losing your attention? Switching context is very expensive and productive people hate it. On the other side, not paying attention to these will drop your productivity as well. Focus on code and let Localazy do the work you might prefer to outsource.


Most people wear a lot of hats every day. Your title might be “senior developer” but you’re also “pseudo-project manager,” “part-time designer” and “chief of inbox relations.” In our own research, we found that software developers spend just 41% of their time each day doing… well, software development.


How Localazy Virtual Translator helps you finish app translation

  1. Phrase review automation with a human touch A review process can be a tedious job if you have a lot of phrases to review. Virtual Translator will do the job instead of you. There is a native speaker behind who keeps an eye on your phrases and makes sure translations are good to go.

  2. Cost/value translation with a human touch Hiring a professional translator costs some significant amount of money, not mentioning the management overhead. For a fraction of cost on your side, the Virtual Translator will translate your app on a best-effort basis. Purpose of Virtual Translator translation service is fast iteration. Suppose you need just translation to start and review it later. In that case, Virtual Translator will help you get your app translated to 100% at a fraction of cost when hiring a professional.

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Localazy Virtual Translator is a brand new marketplace add-on, and we would love to invite you for a test ride! Just head directly to our marketplace and get some languages finished.

Available languages will increase in time, demand-driven.

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