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Forget all the hassle and make your app available in 80 languages free of charge with translation platform built for app developers.

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Built For App Developers

1. Integrate

...in 1-minute with Gradle Plugin for Android Studio.

  • No changes to the source code
  • Rid of uploading and downloading strings files

2. Translate

...up to 50% of your app to 80 languages with shared translations for free.

  • Use shared translation memory to speed up
  • Deliver updated translations over-the-air

3. Review

...translations from your contributors and never get lost in changes.

  • Review & approve when you have time
  • Ensure high-quality with pro-active review

Always Up-To-Date!

Deliver new translations and languages to your users online. We collect anonymous stats and use them to optimize the translation process.

Share Translations

Share your code on Github (or elsewhere) and your translations on Localazy. Get your app translated to 80 languages with shared translations for free.

What people think about Localazy?

Simple implementation and you are done
Being a developer, I am amazed & happy to see such a simple, fast and efficient way to Localize your platform. No boilerplate codes, just a simple implementation and you are done.
Perfect for Android app translations
Perfect for Android app translations. Can't wait until iOS is ready as well.

Evanova Android

Trustpilot review
Excellent software
Very nice user interface, very nice people providing support. This is exactly the tool every application's owner wishing translation support needs.

Small Bro Tech

Trustpilot review
Best App Localization Software
Localazy is definitely the best localization plugin I have found for Android Studio. Simple to integrate, amazing website UI/UX and useful translation services.Absolute essential for every app developer

Are you an Android developer? So are we!

Fair pricing 💳

All of our features are unlimited and without tiers. Pay only when you really have to, no recurring fees included. Test your app with the price calculator.

Flavors & Build Types 🍦

Localazy understands your project structure and correctly translates product flavors and build types.

App Bundles & Libraries 📖

Translate your app including dynamic app modules and libraries. App Bundles are fully supported too.

Array-lists & Plurals 👏

No compromises. Localazy supports all types of Android's resources, so you don't need to take care of it manually.

App versions 🔀

Localazy handles deprecated phrases and keeps them available for older versions of your app. No need to handle that on your side.

Optimized Translations 📈

Localazy collects anonymous stats and prioritizes the translation and review process based on phrase importance.

Secure 🔒

Security and safety is crucial for us. We follow best practices in data protection and use industry standard encryption to keep you and your users safe.

Reliable 👌

We are dogfooding, and Localazy is empowering our own apps, so you can stay assured it's always in top condition.

Proven ✅

We are no newcomers. 30+ years of combined experience make sure Localazy is safe harbour.

We know what it takes to translate your app fully & correctly.

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